SLCC Monthly Tuition is due on or before the 1st of the month

Checks Payable To: Sharon Lynn Academy - 
We also accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express
Private Lesson Fees due at time of session

     Monthly Tuition:
  • Fairy/Prince 1x per week $55
  • Fairy/Prince 2x per week $75 
  • Shamrock/Emerald Solo's $120
  • Ceili Team Only $85
  • Shamrock/Emerald Solo's $150 total
  • (Max price $150 for tuition Includes Ceili / Team Class)

  • 10% Family Discount 2 or more
  • 15% Family Discount 3 or more 
  • Workshops/Rehearsals $10 per hour

Please Note: Tuition remains the same regardless of holidays, 
event closure or absences & is due monthly in advance for both or long or short months

New!!! Private Lessons in Studio or Online via Facetime or Skype
Text for an appointment time (702) 401-2526

Studio Rental - $30 per hour
*Hour privates available for advanced students and groups only

Registration / Enrollment: 
$25.00 due bi-yearly every January and August - beginning August 1, 2017 Closed July and December 2017

Late Payments incur Extra Fees:
Monthly tuition + additional $5.00 after the 3rd, $10.00 after the 5th, $20 after the 10th and finally, 
$30 after the 15th; if tuition is not received by the 15th of the month with added late fee, students will not be allowed to complete the dance month. registration fee re-charged if student has missed 1/2 month or more Of classes 

Sharon Lynn's Celtic Crown
Academy of Irish Dance
30min private online $25
45min private online $40
60min private online $55
30min private in studio $35  
45min private in studio $50
60min private in studio $65