Students of all ages & backgrounds are invited to learn this beautiful
art form full of the lively music & dances of Ireland!
​New!!! *Private Lesssons in Studio as well as Online Lessons via FaceTime or Skype available by appointment for all students from Beginner - Advanced! 

Preparing students for "Feisianna" Irish Dance Competitions & Exhibitions

Ceili Class ~ (Group/Team) Students learn traditional Ceili dances as well as performance pieces for exhibition - Our most important class for building well rounded Irish dancers, and creates SLCC team spirit and comradery! Students in Ceili classes will be selected most often for exhibitions, festivals & special events.

Beginner "Fairy/Prince" Students learn proper dance technique & basic traditional soft shoe steps in Jig & Reel time - twice per week advised (once per week allowed) *

Advanced Beginner & Novice Solos  "Shamrocks" Students learn traditional soft shoe Reels, Light Jigs, Single & Slip Jigs  as well as traditional speed Hard shoes dances - 2x per week required

Prizewinner/Championship Solos "Emerald" Students develop their strength & stamina and advanced rhythms, required for Prizewinner & Championship level dances including advanced Reels & Slip Jigs, slow/advanced Hornpipes, Treble Jigs & Set Dances - 2x per week required

Adult "Claddagh" Students may learn a variety of styles with focus on learning Irish Dance for the pure enjoyment of learning the art form, as well as for competition and exhibition if desired - Adult lessons available by private lessons only. Adults may schedule either private or group private lessons by appointment. 

Irish Step Dancing Classes!

Sharon Lynn's Celtic Crown
Academy of Irish Dance